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  • Where can I find a Danfoss authorized distributor in Malaysia?
    To find a Danfoss authorized distributor to purchase replacement parts, visit our distributor/wholesaler directory here or visit
  • How to find the part number on a KP pressure or temperature control?
    To find the Danfoss part number of a KP pressure or temperature control, look down on the top of the control where the pressure adjustments are made. The part number will be stamped onto the metal. The part number typically begins with “060” followed by either four or six additional numbers. You will not need to remove the plastic front cover in order to find the part number.
  • Where can I find a Danfoss's cross-reference tool for compressor replacement?
    COMPASS is an online tool that helps you find the best Danfoss alternative for compressors replacement. With just a few pieces of information about the compressor that needs replacing, COMPASS provides you with the best Danfoss compressor to meet your system’s needs.
  • Where can I find Danfoss Compressor's spare parts?
    For spare parts, rotolock valves and crankcase heaters for Danfoss compressors, please review the Danfoss spare parts and accessories catalog to meet your individual needs.
  • How to identify a Danfoss pressure or temperature sensor for replacement purposes?
    For Danfoss pressure and temperature sensors, the part number can be found on the data label tag and will consist of three numbers, one letter, then four additional numbers. Contact Peace Refrigeration if you need further assistance.
  • How to remove a solenoid coil?
    First, de-energize the Danfoss solenoid coil. Using a screwdriver, pry up the coil and remove the coil. See video.
  • How to adjust the superheat on a TUA and/or TUAE thermostat expansion valve?
    To adjust the superheat on a Danfoss TUA/TUAE thermostatic expansion valve, remove the cap with a 5/32” hex key. Superheat adjustments are made a ¼ turn at a time (¼ turn ≈ 1 °F): Turning clockwise increases superheat, turning counter-clockwise decreases superheat. Once you have made your adjustments, reinstall the cap. This video on our YouTube channel walks you through the process of safely and accurately adjusting the superheat.
  • Can MTZ compressors replac MT compressors?
    Danfoss MTZ compressors, as shipped, are not appropriate replacements for MT compressors. MT compressors are rated for R22 and come with mineral oil. MTZ compressors are rated for R-134a, R-404a, R-407A/C/F, and come with POE oil.
  • Can SZ compressors replace SM compressors?
    Danfoss SM compressors, as shipped, are rated for R22 and come with mineral oil. SZ compressors are rated for R-134a, R-404a / R-507A, R-407C, and come with POE oil. Therefore, SZ compressors are not appropriate replacements for SM compressors.
  • Can the SZ compressor model series be used with R22?
    No, the Danfoss SZ model compressor is not rated for R22 as it is shipped from the factory.
  • Where can I find a compressor technical data sheet or dimensional drawing?
    Data sheets and dimensional drawings for Danfoss compressors are available on our website. Click the links below to access this information for a specific compressor. Light commercial compressors Light commercial compressorsMTZ/MT/NTZ reciprocating compressorsS-series compressorsDSH-series scroll compressors with IDV
  • I am trying to replace a Danfoss refrigeration solenoid valve but cannot find a part number. What information do I need?
    If this is a Danfoss EVR solenoid valve you are looking to replace, and there is no data label tag, remove the solenoid coil from the actuator stem. The part number will be three numbers, one letter, and four more numbers stamped on the side of the actuator stem. If the part number cannot be found, please contact Peace Refrigeration with the refrigerant used, where the valve is installed in the system, NO/NC, heat load capacity and design conditions to size a new solenoid valve and our technical support team will assist you.




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